We absolutely love these pictures! Thank you once again for your professionalism but also your warmth to be able to blend in but get the shots you needed. You really were like a guest at our wedding
Such gorgeous shots! You captured us at our most natural, overall a really relaxed and approachable service. Thank you so much!
You were very professional, patient and understanding, the photos were better than we could have dreamed of! They will be treasured for many years to come.
"A huge thank you to Rebecca for spending our wedding day with us. Not only did she capture beautiful, shots, which is not an easy task when the bride and groom both hate having their photos taken, but she fitted seamlessly into our day, drifted around with no direction required and almost invisibly, and was a pleasure to spend the day with. We received our photo memories quickly and could not fault a shot. We would recommend Rebecca to anyone and feel lucky to have found her."